Departments & Units

Readers' Services Department

The Readers Services Department serves as the interface between the library and its users; with the basic function as the Public Relations Section where patrons meet library staff for services. The department comprises of;

Technical Services Department

The Technical Services Department comprises of three sections namely:

Acquisitions plays a crucial role in selection and ordering of relevant materials for the library.

Cataloguing Section is responsible for cataloguing and classification of all Library materials acquired whether by purchase, exchange, gift, or legal deposit.

Serials oversees the procurement of journals and the upkeep of records in the Kardex and other files.

Gift and Exchange, a section established to further enrich the library collection through donations and exchange.

Bindery, a section established to meet the ancillary needs of the library as well as the university community. Services include repair and restoration of books and other print materials.

Research and Bibliographic Department

Research and Bibliographic Department popularly referred to as Gandhi Library, a section established from a donation made available by the Indian government and community on 2nd October 1968 and named after Mahatma Gandhi.

The purpose of this department is to cater for all aspect of research needs of students, staff and researchers. Collections therein include rare and expensive books, primary source materials necessary for research, well as Theses and Dissertations submitted and accepted by the University of Lagos.

The department also houses the University Archives and Special Collections. Admission to use the collection is limited primarily to academic staff and postgraduate students, however, undergraduate students may use with special permission.

Automation Unit

The Automation unit is a section under the office of the University Librarian. The unit coordinates ICT driven services in the library.