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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Library opening hours?

  • A. Library opening hours are:
  • 8am – 10pm (Monday to Saturday)
  • 2pm – 10pm (Last Saturday of every month)
  • 24hrs Reading Room Service
  • How do I contact the University Library?

    A. Direct Line: 01-7347162

    How do I gain access to use the Library?

    A. University of Lagos Staff and students are allowed access with their University identification cards. However, the Card acts as a Library borrower’s card. Non-members of the University are also allowed to use the Library on presentation of a letter of introduction and valid identification card from their institution or employer. Token fee is required for consultation, though a membership card must be completed at the Main Library Circulation Desk. Please bring identification that confirms your name and current address. Please note – due to licence restrictions, only staff and students of this University are eligible to use the Library's online resources. The Database Resource Unit is also for University staff and student use only.

    How do I find materials in the Library?

    A. Use the Library catalogues. Check the Traditional Card and the Online Public Access Catalogue, first. Each contains materials held by the Library. If you can't find what you need in the catalogue, then come to the circulation Desk.

    What should I do if I can't find a book?

    A. If you are having difficulty locating a book on the shelves, please ask for assistance at the Circulation Desk or from Library assistants in the reading area.

    How can I get a book that is not available in the Library?

    A. If a book is unavailable, you may seek the assistance of the Reference Librarian, who may also request to borrow a copy of the item from another library via the Libraries Inter-Library Loan Service or request that the Library purchase.

    Why can't I check out a book?

    A. There are several reasons you may not be able to check out a book. The most common are: • The item is not loan-able. Reference and some other specialized materials are not loan-able. These items may be used only within the Library. • You have not returned an item that has been recalled for another library user, or for Reserves. If it is so, please return the item as soon as possible. • You owe fines or fees to reinstate your borrowing privileges, make a payment towards the amount you owe, or pay the balance in full. • Visit the Circulation Desk for an explanation of the problem, and what can be done to remedy it

    Can I check out a book without my Library Card?

    A. Your Student identification card only give you access to use the library, but your library card, allows you to check out or renew books. If you do not have your library card, we will place books on hold for you temporarily for you to bring your library card, at which time you may check out the books.

    How can I obtain my Library Card?

    A. Visit the Circulation Desk at the Main Library, Faculty of Education Library or College of Medicine Library

    Can I ask my course mate or friend to check out a book for me with my Library Card?

    A. University of Lagos Library Cards are non-transferrable. Only you may use your card to borrow books. If someone other than you attempts to use your card, the card will be confiscated.

    How do I renew books borrowed?

    A. Books charged on loans must be returned to the Circulation Desk from where they were borrowed to be renewed.

    How many times can I renew a book?

    A. You may renew items checked out to you up to two (2) times if no reservation is placed on the item.

    Why can't I renew this book that is checked out to me?

    A. You may not be able to renew a book if another user has placed a hold on it, or if it has been recalled for Reserves. You may also be prevented from renewing a book if your borrowing privileges have been suspended for any of the reasons stated above.

    I urgently need a book that is charged out to another person. How can I get it?

    A. If a book you need is checked out to another user, you may place a recall on it from the Circulation Desk.

    What are the overdue item fines and fees?

    A. Fines for overdue books is N5 per calendar day for each day the item is late. If an item is not returned and the library considers it lost, standard replacement and processing fee of One Thousand naira (N1000.00) will be added to the fine placed on loss or replacement.

    Where can I pay my fines and fees?

    A.When charges are incurred at the library, you may make the payment at the Main Library Circulation Desk.

    How can I find out more about the Libraries' circulation policies?

    A. Please see the University Library Guide for Circulation Policy covering Identifications, loan periods, losses and replacements, overdue items and fines, and more or visit the Main Library, University of Lagos.

    How many items can I borrow?

    A. Undergraduates – 5; Postgraduates – 10; Staff – 20. You may also enjoy Short Loan Collection from the Reserved Book Room.

    What is the loan duration for items checked out?

    A. DSubject to no recall during the loan period, undergraduates may borrow for a period 2 weeks and renew up to two (2) consecutive times, staff and postgraduates for 1 month and renew up to two time after the date of issue (stamped in each book).

    Where do I ask if I have a question?

    A. The Reference Desk acts as the first point of contact for enquiries. Reference Librarian will arrange appropriate assistance for you, referring enquiries to specialist staff or Library departments, if necessary. For enquiries on loan services, Circulation Desk is most appropriate.

    Can someone show me how to research a topic?

    A. Yes, the Reference Librarian can introduce you to the most relevant print and electronic resources, for your subject.

    As a Postgraduate Student, I am starting my theses and I am looking for some suitable topics. Where can I find past dissertation/theses in the Library?

    A. The University of Lagos Theses and Dissertation collection is housed in Research and Bibliographic department (Gandhi Library) located at the ground floor in the Main Library. A catalogue and a list of this collection are found in the section. In addition to theses and dissertation, other collections in the section include: documents (government and non-governmental organization), newspapers and magazines, University Archives and other special collection are available for you to consult for your term papers and assignments.

    I am an undergraduate; can I use all sections of the Library?

    A. Undergraduate students can use all sections of the Library. However, the use of some sections is limited. For instance, undergraduates of the university can use the Gandhi Research Library only for consultations, not as reading rooms.

    What is a periodical?

    A. Magazine, journal, newspaper, or annual publications which are published at regular intervals. The Library subscribes to a large number of periodicals, mainly in print form but also as e-journals. All of these are listed in the Library Website; so, if you're looking for a particular title, click on the Online Public Access Catalogue or Web OPAC for Library holdings and electronic resources for e-databases and e-journals. However, if you're trying to find articles on a topic, try searching one of the many databases bought by the Library, which index a wide range of periodicals in a specific subject area. Some databases provide the full-text of articles online e.g EBSCOHOST, HINARI, AGORA, E-BRARY, JSTOR, etc.

    What electronic resources are available to me?

    A. The Library subscribes to various online databases to help you with your research. They cover most subjects taught at the University and vary from bibliographic databases (which give details of published articles, books, etc), to full-text, citation, image, mapping, newspaper, reference, open access, census, theses and alerting databases. Please visit the library website to access these resources or ask for individual assistance with library staff if needed. Please note - due to licence restrictions, only staff and students of the University are eligible to use the Library's online resources.

    Do I need a password to use the electronic resources?

    A. The Library's e-resources can be accessed without a username and password, in most cases, from any computer on the University network, including those in Residences. The Homepage of each database indicates what the current access requirements are. All e-journals to which we are entitled to access are also freely accessible from campus wide network system. Please contact the Automation Librarian for enquiries about access to e-journal services.

    Are there computers I can use in the Library?

    A. Yes and No, since it depends on what you need to do. There are fifteen computers located in the Database Resource Unit on the 1st floor in the Main Library which may be used for writing papers, e-mailing, and searching the internet. Because these computers are shared resources, students may be asked to limit time spent on these computers. If you need any assistance with software package or e-mail, please ask the IT Helpdesk staff. Help with finding information and using the Library's online databases can be provided by Library staff. There are free network ports/internet nodes at the Unit, for those who wish to use their laptops. However, the library renders laptop loan service for a fee. Staff at the Circulation Desk can provide more information.

    Will I get into trouble for eating and drinking in the library?

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    A. Food and drinks are not allowed in the library.

    Am I allowed to make or receive calls in the Library?

    A. No. You are expected to either switch off or put your phone on silence mode when in the Library. You are advised to receive calls outside the Library in order not to distract other users.

    Should I re-shelf books or magazines?

    A. No, please do not re-shelf items, return them either to a marked shelving station or leave them lying on a table.

    Can you please adjust the temperature?

    A. All areas in the library may not be evenly heated or cooled. Try to find a comfortable area without adjusting the blowers of the Library’s Air conditioners. In the colder months, the library may be cool, so bring a sweater or jacket.

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