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Department Within the Library

Readers Services Department - functions as the Public Relations Section of the Library where patrons meet library staff for services.

  • Circulation Section
  • Reference Section
  • Law Library
  • Reserved Book Room Section
  • Boulos Engineering Library
  • Reading Floors

Technical Services Department

  • Acquisitions Section - plays a crucial role in the acquisition of relevant materials for the library.
  • Cataloguing Section - responsible for cataloguing and classification of all Library materials acquired whether by purchase, exchange, gift, or legal deposit.
  • Serials Section - oversees the procurement of journals and the keeping of records in the Kardex and other files.

Research and Bibliographic Department (Gandhi Library) - This is a research department of the library. The collections of Gandhi Library include rare and expensive books as well as primary source materials for research and development. Some of the distinctiveness of the Gandhi Library includes research collections emanating from Africa and about Africa, the Nigerian collection (Nigeriana) as well as Theses and Dissertations submitted and accepted by the University of Lagos which has been growing steadily. The purpose of this department is to cater for all shades of research needs in the University particularly postgraduate students and researchers.

Office of the University Librarian

  • Library Administration
  • Automation Section - renders ICT driven services in the library and assistance on user’s request, acquiring or sourcing for any intellectually based document/information electronically anywhere in the world.

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