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img1Ngozi Blessing Ukachi holds a B.Sc in Library Science (Abia State University), Master of Library and Information Science (University of Ibadan, 2006) and Doctor Of Philosophy in Library and Information Science (University of Nigeria, Nsukka, 2013). She also holds a Diploma in Computer (University of Lagos, 2001). A chartered Librarian and a member of professional bodies such as: Nigerian Library Association, American Library Association, and International Federation of Library Association (IFLA). She is currently in the Acquisition Unit of the library and is very proficient in cataloguing and classification of varying library resources. She is professionally interested in the areas of electronic resources use and Information Technology application to library services and, has also presented papers locally and internationally in these areas of study. She won the "Essay Competition Award for IFLA 2010 (organized by the Academic and Research Section of IFLA) which she received in Gothenburg, Sweden. She is also the first Nigerian to win the IFLA/OCLC Early Career Development Fellowship Award in 2012. Ngozi is presently the Vice Chairperson, Information Technology Section of Nigerian Library Association.


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