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How to gain access to the Library

University of Lagos Staff and students are allowed access with their University identification cards. However, the Card acts as a Library access card. Non-members of the University are also allowed to use the Library on presentation of a letter of introduction and valid identification card from their institution or employer. Token fee is required for consultation, though a membership card must be completed at the Main Library Circulation Desk. Please bring identification that confirms your name and current address.
Please note – due to licence restrictions, only staff and students of this University are eligible to use the Library's online resources. The Database Resource Unit is also for University staff and student use only.

How do I find materials in the Library

Use the Library catalogues. Check the Traditional Card and the Online Public Access Catalogue, first. Each contains materials held by the Library. If you can't find what you need in the catalogue, then come to the circulation Desk.

How to get book that is not available in the Library

If a book is unavailable, you may seek the assistance of the Reference Librarian, who may also request to borrow a copy of the item from another library via the Libraries Inter-Library Loan Service or request that the Library purchase.